A day in Isla Mágica!

on 27/05/2013


isla-magica-sevlla-0A perfect thematic park for children and adults. Don’t worry; here you are not going to get bored. The park is a great plan for thrill seekers, cultural and fantasy shows lovers. Isla Mágica count with themed areas, shows, attractions, shops, restaurants. Everything you need, and lot more. Once inside, do not want to go out again. The thematic Park is few minutes from our hotel, enjoy our special offer hotel and Isla Mágica.

The park is extended, with thematic areas representing different époques: Sevilla, Puerto de Indias, Mundo Maya, Amazonia, The Pirates are just some of the many areas you will find in the amusement park.

The attractions are not only dedicated to children, but are perfect for the entire family, sons and parents can spend here a few days of relaxation and entertainment … Of course, children are the protagonists of scene. They will get an experience not to forget.


Pictures courtesy of Turismo de Sevilla:

Just entered you’ll find yourself in the middle of Puerto de Indias, where you can see performances at the “Corral de Comedias” Comedy Corral. A good option is to return here later on during the day to regain strength in the many and varied restaurants of typical Andalusian food. So if you are fans of the history of Seville and its traditional food you will like this area.


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Once inside in Isla Mágica have many options, dozens of attractions … Most of them are designed to be enjoyed with the family … We’ve selected the very best for your day in Isla Mágica … Both young as adults can enjoy a fantastic day of fun in the amusement park of Seville.

Before you start some tips:

  • Go prepared with hats and light clothing during summer. Although you can soak in the attractions you have to protect yourself from the sun
  • Bring a change of clothes if you don’t go during summer and want to do water attractions
  • Do not lose your map of the map … There are many attractions to visit
  • We can’t leave without a ride in the “Jaguar”

What to do in the morning …

Wet in morning … fresh all day … The more adventurous can ride the best water attractions such as Anaconda, Iguazú, Rápidos del Orinoco y Los Bucaneros. You can also enjoy classic attractions such as Ship Barbarossa or barrels.


Pictures courtesy of Dani 91:

Lunch Break…

A quick break for lunch is vital to recover. In each area of the park there are various bars and kiosks where have a good meal, hail, ice cream, waffles and other menus. If you want air-conditioned and musical performances during lunchtime El Fuerte is your choice.

A short rest before an afternoon for heroes …

Get ready for a unique experience without moving from your chair… From outside it looks like a gigantic dome but it is actually a cinema, Cinemoción. Its giant hemispherical screen for 4d projections will leave astonish.

All left…


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Surely you will not have time to visit all the attractions if you stay just one day…That’s why we have selected some of the most interesting for families …The youngest have a whole area dedicated to them: Fuente de la Juventud (The Fountain of Youth). In other areas also can ride the Carrusel Mágico (Magical Carousel), El Tren de Potosí (the train of Potosí), Las Llamas (the fires), Topetazú o el Sapo Saltón (the big jump). Please note that depending on the height at some attractions kids will have to be accompanied by an adult. If your children is extremely brave, is 8 years old or more and higher than 1.30 m, you have to try the Jaguar … The biggest roller coaster of Isla Mágica challenges you with a fall 32 meters high, a maximum speed of 85 Km/h, in a 765 meters long travel.

Dinner …

Close to the majority of children’s attractions you’ll find the restaurant Come-Come, with a canopied terrace and picnic tables. In Puerto de Indias you’ll also find many typical Andalusian food restaurants at your disposal.

A Show and everyone to bed…


Pictures courtesy of Isla Mágica:

And to end this magical day nothing is better than a multimedia show Indígenas VS Alienígenas (Indigenous vs. Aliens), novelty of 2013. The show brings together a large array of media and special effects … It tells the story of the exceptional encounter of an American Indian tribe with strange aliens, in the sixteenth century … A must go!

We hope you enjoy our tips for wonderful day in Isla Mágica …

Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you need any information.

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A day in Isla Mágica!