Discover the most beautiful churches in Seville

on 28/10/2013


Iglesias-sevilla-0Seville is an amazing city, full of monuments, historic buildings and a wonderful atmosphere… but it also has a dozens of fantastic churches. In every district of Seville you can find at least one characteristic church that is worth a visit. Today we will provide you with a mini tour along the churches in Seville that you can visit during your stay at our hotel in Seville.

We start in Triana with two churches that are very characteristic for different reasons, the church of Santa Ana and the church of Nuestra Señora de la O. Keep reading and discover more about these wonderful churches!

The church of Santa Ana


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This beautiful church is located in Triana next to the Guadalquivir and is the oldest in the city. It is a church of three ships, in Gothic style; the centre is taller and wider than the lateral plant, divided into five sections each. A funny fact: they say that the woman that kicks it seven times is sure of marriage.



Address: Calle de Vázquez de Leca

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The church of Nuestra Señora de la O


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We continue close to our hotel with this temple built between 1697 and 1702 by Antonio Gil Gataón on the site of an old mosque. It was traced by the brothers Felix and Pedro Romero. It is headquarter to the Brotherhood of la O one of the most active ones during the Holy Week in Seville. It is a rectangular temple formed by three naves of equal height with tripartite apse, chancel and choir at the base.


Dirección: Calle Castilla, 30

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Catedral de Sevilla (La Catedral de Santa María de la Sede)


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Constructed in 1401, World Heritage Site in 1978 and Well of Outstanding Universal Value in 2010, this cathedral is the Christian gothic cathedral with the greatest surface in world. As most of the churches in Seville and Andalusia it is constructed on the ruins of a demolished mosque. The temple houses the remains of Christopher Columbus and of several kings of Castile: Pedro I el Cruel, Fernando III el Santo and his son, Alfonso X el Sabio. Apart from its great facade and gorgeous interior with its 5 ships in gothic style, the courtyard with orange trees and obviously the Giralda will amaze you. Its 104 meters of pure elegance and beauty that you have probably already seen in photographs will leave you with an open mouth.


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You can also celebrate weddings here:

Dirección: Av de la Constitución, s/n

The church of Santa María Magdalena


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This church, finished in 1709, consists a wonderful example of the baroque architecture from Seville in the XVIII century; decorated with wall paintings, plasterwork and gilded wood from the hands of the best artists.


Dirección: Calle San Pablo, 12

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I wish you a wonderful stay in Seville!

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Discover the most beautiful churches in Seville