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Family-friendly Pirate Exhibition in Seville

on 17/02/2020

Fancy a fun family day out? Lucky for you, from the 7th of February to the 14th of April 2020 you can visit the exhibition ‘Thieves of the Sea’ in Seville.

This extensive exhibit is just ten minutes’ walk from Hotel Ribera de Triana and will take place over the next few months at the Navigation Pavilion. Learn all about pirate life and hear stories about real pirates with activities suitable for the whole family.

An audio guide helps you discover over 1.000 square metres of interactive exhibits which tell of pirate secrets, their way of life, their ships, weapons and the most famous names to scour the seas. Follow a fun timeline through pirate history in four different areas. Their adventures verse from their first appearance in the Mediterranean Sea, Vikings and their ships, Buccaneers and their arrival in the Caribbean.

Join this thrilling pirate voyage with 60 original pieces recovered from submarine excavations, its interactive screens and educational films. In addition, you can take a short test before you begin to discover how much you know about the thieves of the sea.

Take this opportunity to stay for a few days at Hotel Ribera de Triana and visit this new pirate exhibition in Seville, just a few minutes from the hotel. Are you ready to become a real pirate?

Family-friendly Pirate Exhibition in Seville