How to enjoy Seville’s April Fair

on 17/04/2015


portada2015If you are visiting the city in April you will be able to enjoy one of the best known and important events in Seville: the April Fair. To enjoy it to the full here are a few bits of advice that will help you to enjoy the festivities during your stay in the city.

Where to stay
Before you choose your hotel in Seville you need to plan your visit well to be able to choose the ideal location. If you intend on visiting the Fair on several days the best thing is to choose lodgings nearby so as not to spend too much money on transport. Even though the bus lines increase their service, if it is a long way away it may be difficult to get to the fairground. The best thing to do in these cases is to find a hotel in Triana, a quarter near the Fair that isn’t too expensive.

First night of the Fair
The first stop at the Fair takes place on the Monday night, when the switching on of the lights takes place. This is a special moment, because it marks the official start of the Fair. People meet up at the gate of the Fair to await the lights coming on. After this, another tradition takes place: pescaíto night. It is traditional to serve fried fish in the casetas with traditional drinks such as the rebujito.


Dress up in a flamenca dress
Even though there are traditional clothes for both men and women, the truth is that it is the girls who stand out most as they wander along the Real de la Feria. If you want to experience the party in all its splendor you can hire an outfit and show it off for a few days when you visit the Fair. There are many businesses in the city where you can find a dress in your size for a reasonable price.

Public and private Casetas
There is a generalized belief that the April Fair is only for sevillanos. This is incorrect, since anyone can attend and enjoy it. It is true that there is a great number of private casetas that belong to families or clubs and where you can only enter by invitation. But the Town Hall and and some public organizations have casetas that are open to the general public. At the information points in the fairground they will be able to tell you where they are located and point you in the right direction so that you can enjoy the Fair from the inside.

A ride in a horse-drawn carriage There are several ways to get to the Fair: if you are close you can walk, but if your hotel in Triana is a little far you can choose different forms of transport from taxi to bus all the way to a very typical vehicle for this time of year: horse-drawn carriages. You can hire a route around the city and end up at the Fair or hire a coachman at the Fair area to give you a ride around the Real. Take into account that the fair is very big, so your feet will welcome a rest.

Now all that is left is to enjoy the fair, and dance!

How to enjoy Seville’s April Fair