How to spend a night with the sharks in the Seville Aquarium?

on 28/05/2015


When people think about Seville they normally think about horse drawn carriages, flamenco dancing and some impressive views from The Giralda or the Metropol Parasol. Nevertheless, this city can also offer unique exotic opportunities such as getting to know thousands of marine species and spending a night among sharks when choosing a hotel near the Seville Aquarium.

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Getting to know the dogfish

The best thing is that you don’t need to travel very far to be able to enjoy this experience: the Seville Aquarium, among its many activities, offers visitors the chance to spend the night by the shark tank, to get to know these wonderful creatures from close up. This activity can be carried out by schools, where the children are accompanied by teachers, but it is also open to family members who visit the enclosure. During the night, a group of staff explain all sorts of interesting facts and anecdotes about the sharks to the visitors, such as the ecosystems they live in, the survival problems the species experience in the wild and the type of care needed to be able to develop in their natural habitat. Both children and adults will enjoy this enriching experience that will allow them to get to know these animals better. During the night, games are played with the kids, with challenges, quizzes and mysteries related to these animals. After the activities and supper, visitors sleep in sleeping bags next to the tanks and, the following day, they receive breakfast and say goodbye to their new friends after experiencing an unforgettable night.

The deepest tank in Spain

The enclosure where the sharks live in the Seville Aquarium is the deepest tank in Spain, which allows these inhabitants to enjoy wide surroundings, completely adapted to their needs. For visitors it means an opportunity to see these animals in the best possible conditions, with big glass tanks and a unique setting.

Over 400 species

To enjoy the full potential of these new facilities, the best things to do is to look for a hotel near the Seville Aquarium that will allow you to get there early to make the most of the day among the over 400 aquatic species that live there. Visitors, as well as being able to enjoy the beauty of the animals found along the over 700 meter route, will be able to learn more about the ecosystems in each of them, becoming aware of the need to look after the environment.

Leisure in Seville

To find accommodation and visit the Seville Aquarium the best thing to do is to search for a hotel close to the Peseo de Delicias or along the banks of the Triana quarter, since they are the closest locations with easy access to the facilities. In addition, this area offers a wide variety of tourist and leisure activities, because it is connected to the main sights and attractions in the city. In this way, as well as enjoying and unforgettable experience you will be able to enjoy the rest of Seville more closely from the heart of the city.

How to spend a night with the sharks in the Seville Aquarium?