‘Murillo 1617-2017’: The Andalusian capital’s year of cultural events in honour of the painter from Seville

on 16/05/2017

Seville’s Town Hall pleasantly surprised us last month by announcing the inclusion of what will be of one of the capital’s great cultural landmarks in its cultural calendar. To celebrate the IV anniversary of the birth of the famous painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Seville will hold what has become known as ‘The Murillo Year’. This initiative will help attract both national and international tourists to our city throughout the 12 months of the year.

Let’s not forget that Murillo was, is and will be one of the main references as far as art is concerned in the capital of the Guadalquivir. A source of inspiration for many, Murillo’s work is distinguished for portraying the society of his time in Seville, with its traditions, culture and way of life. This understanding of his city and his talent are two of the reasons that have made the painter’s name and Seville almost synonymous. This is evident in any corner of the city.

murillo sevilla

‘Murillo 1617-2017’, presented at Fitur in Madrid, will include a varied cultural programme that promises to fill the streets of the Andalusian capital with hundreds of visitors who are passionate about the painter and his work. A noble reason to bring tourism to our city, which let’s not forget, thrives partly thanks to this industry.

Making the most of Seville’s great weather that lasts almost all year around, many activities will take place outdoors, filling the streets with music and events, such as the one we were able to enjoy last March and April, the Early Music Festival. Coming up we have Nocturama which will take place in Spring and Autumn.

In the audiovisual sphere, the Town Hall is already preparing the European Film Festival (SEFF) as well as the European Awards Gala in 2018. Another highlighted event in our calendar will be the Seville Book Fair that will take place during May and June. Theatre, exhibitions or workshops close the list of events we will be able to enjoy during this year.

Another event that promises to draw crowds is the restoration of some of Murillo’s works or the public works of art created by renowned or novice contemporary artists in the streets.

We can also look forward to four important exhibitions in November that will take place in different location throughout the capital, with the aim of honouring the work of this famous Seville artist.

The event promises to deliver, so if you are thinking about where to sleep in Seville to be able to enjoy the complete programme, it’s time to search for a hotel near the city centre, where you can stay and enjoy all these events, just a few steps away from the places where, back in the day, Murillo walked.

‘Murillo 1617-2017’: The Andalusian capital’s year of cultural events in honour of the painter from Seville