Noche en Blanco: a special cultural evening in Seville

on 28/09/2017

On the 6th of October Seville will celebrate the now famous Noche en Blanco (literally White Night), an evening where you can visit many of the city’s monuments and enjoy hundreds of cultural activities including shows, concerts and exhibitions for reduced rates or for free!

noche en blanco sevilla 2017

From 8 pm until 2am the city will be filled with a magical buzz, with people out and about until late enjoying the museums, performances and other activities at locations dotted around the centre.

The late hours and the likely queues invite us to rest well during the afternoon, in order to make the most of all that is on offer in the evening. A great place to rest is at our hotel in Triana, due to its proximity to most of the activities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A singular spot for fashion

The Valentín Madariaga Foundation, located along the Maria Luisa Avenue, will sponsor a performance featuring all kinds of fabric and colours. You will also be able to enjoy a fashion shoot and exhibitions in and around the main patio: fashion crafts and miniature mannequins in couture outfits.

-Science time!

At the Peru Pavilion you’ll find numerous activities and exhibitions all about science. Experience a trip through the solar system or admire the sky in three dimensions.

  • Let the music begin!

Do you prefer classical, jazz or flamenco? You will find all sorts of music in stunning locations such as the Plaza de America or the Domecq Pavilion.

  • Photos. Yes, please

Photography will also have a special role during this cultural evening. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Expo 92, the Avenida de la Constitución will hold a photo exhibition where you can discover the impact this event had on the city.

  • Excellent art exhibitions.

Finally, there are some great places to enjoy art exhibitions, located mainly in the city centre in streets such as Francos, Feria, San Fernando or Alfonso XVIII.


Now you know everything that will be happening, all that is left to do is enjoy the evening!

Noche en Blanco: a special cultural evening in Seville