A piece of the Berlin Wall in Seville

on 28/07/2018



Did you know that you can visit a fragment of the Berlin Wall in Seville? Most people don’t know that this atypical piece of history is in the ‘Isla Mágica’ theme park and you can visit it.

The Wall was pulled down in 1989, ending a very sad period for Germany and today many pieces are preserved by museums to remember this important part of history.

This piece arrived in Seville during the ‘Expo 92 of Seville’ and was initially placed in the German Pavilion. On this piece you could read sentences such as ‘No Europe with Berlin’ but exposure to the elements caused wear and the fact that tourists could add graffiti, led to its further deterioration.

After the Expo ended, many countries donated elements from the exhibition and Germany decided to give a piece of the wall to Cartuja93, which is the piece that can be seen today at Isla Mágica. The other four pieces that made up the section were sent to a park in Utrera.

In addition to being an unusual tourist attraction, visiting the fragment of wall is an ideal plan for the summer, since its location within the theme park will allow you to cool down on the water rides while enjoying a fun day out with the whole family, making it extra memorable.

It is therefore a good idea to book a hotel in Triana, due to its proximity to Cartuja, where the theme park is located, and its proximity to the city centre, which will allow you to visit the rest of the monuments in Seville.

A piece of the Berlin Wall in Seville