Sevilla, City of art: discover its galleries and exhibitions

on 28/08/2013


arte-sevilla-1Seville is a city of art. Its incredible monuments and splendid architecture are very well known worldwide. Surely you will go to visit the Royal Alcazar to see the Torre de Oro and the Giralda. Still, Seville has much more to offer to art lovers: a large number of galleries with single exposures. It is impossible to ignore one point on the itinerary of activities on your visit to the city during your stay at our hotel in Seville.

For art lovers have created a mini guide / itinerary with the best permanent and temporary exhibitions can find this summer and autumn in our wonderful city.

1) Museum of Contemporary Art


The first visit we recommend is the Museum of Contemporary Art is located a few minutes walking from our hotel. The exhibition take place in the Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa Maria de Las Cuevas just after the bridge of atonement in the same Isla de la Cartuja. In its permanent exhibition, the center provides an overview of the artistic trends developed in Spain since the mid-twentieth century to today. Among others, you will find pieces of Luis Gordillo, Candida Höfer, Rebecca Horn, Paul Palazuelo, Zobel, Joseph Kosuth or Louise Bourgeois. The museum also pays special attention to the history of contemporary creativity Andalusian art related to other national and international contexts. This finds its place in the numerous temporary exhibitions that take place throughout the year.

For these late summer 2013 and autumn / winter you’ll find:

  • Session beyond figure. Souvenir of life. The legacy of Guillermo Pérez Villalta. July 12, 2013 – January 12, 2014
  • Art social behavior and body image. May 17 – October 6 / December 1, 2013


2) Casa de la Provincia


In the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz is the Province House, also known as Casa del Palacio. The perfect time to visit this wonderful building and its exhibits is when you go to visit the Alcazar. The Province House is a very popular center Sevillian and perfect to visit early in the evening just before visiting the many monuments that are located near the.

Here the list of exhibitions:

  • Permanent Exhibition: “Office-Museum Viagas Placido Fernandez”
  • Permanent Exhibition: “The Press of San Eloy”
  • Exhibition: Art from the province, ending on 08/09/2013
  • Exhibition: “Tapies. Graphic work in picture books “, ends 08/09/2013

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3) Foundation Focus-abengoa


When you are walking in the wonderful neighborhood of Santa Cruz, after discovering thousands of incredible places and appreciated the fantastic atmosphere, this is the perfect time to spend a few hours for visiting the facilities of the Focus-abengoa on Hospital building of the Venerable near the Murillo Gardens. It is already more than 20 years that this building, after a long process of renovation, it has become one of the most complete and best preserved testimonies of Spanish Baroque heritage. It has turned into a living center and focus of active learning through multiple actions intertwined with the foundational purpose of promoting culture in its many artistic and scientific, based on the preservation, dissemination and development of historical and cultural heritage of Seville and its presence in Latin America.
Here you will find a fantastic permanent foundation: The Permanent Collection Velázquez Center. This consists of 16 works of Roelas, Cano, Herrera the Elder, Cavarozzi, Pacheco, Martinez Montanes, Varela, Velázquez, Zurbarán and Murillo, from different institutions such as the Prado Museum, Archbishop of Seville, Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias

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4) Museum of Arts and Popular Customs Seville


Located in Plaza de las Americas, this small museum offers quick and pleasant overview of the most representative sevillan traditions. Beside the permanent exhibition, until the end of the year, you can find a feature exhibition for flamenco dresses Lina, flamenco Wearing

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5) Finally, we collected for you a list small exhibitions and independent art galleries, most of which have free access: Ajg contemporary art gallery, Alarcón Criado, Birimbao, C-aps Experience – Espacio Aceropuro, Cavecanem , Galeriahaurie, Juana de Aizpuru, La Caja China  , Rafael Ortiz 

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Sevilla, City of art: discover its galleries and exhibitions