Spring in Seville, first stop: Holy Week!

on 23/03/2018












Spring starts on the 21st of March and with it the great weather also comes along. The streets are filled with colour, outdoor tables are full and coats get forgotten on the back of a chair.

For many in Seville, Spring is the sound of cornets and drumrolls, the only smell they recognize is the scent of incense and there is no warmth better than the flame from a candle.

On Sunday 25th of March this religious festival begins and, until the 1st of April, you can enjoy many daily processions. It would be a great moment to come and experience one of the Andalusian capital’s most famous festivities. That said, there are a few things you should consider before booking your accommodation.

Firstly, remember that the city centre is where all the processions cross paths. Therefore, it would be a good to find one nearby to be able to easily walk to any of them.

On the other hand, if you fancy experiencing the general feel of the city during Holy Week and not limit yourself to the most famous brotherhoods, you should also think about which neighbourhood to stay in.

If you are thinking of booking a hotel, a good option would be the Triana area, since it is famous for its brotherhood traditions. It is home to one of the biggest brotherhoods in Seville, Esperanza de Triana, known as “Trianera” by the locals.

In addition, booking a 4-star hotel in Triana could, in fact, make all the difference. Great location and views, the Guadalquivir River and the Triana Bridge, join to make for an unforgettable Easter trip.

Spring in Seville, first stop: Holy Week!