Start planning your Valentine’s Day getaway

on 31/01/2017


Valentine’s Day is almost here and it‘s never a bad thing to do a bit of pre V-Day prep to surprise your partner and plan something more elaborate and extra special. A box of chocolates, a unique item of clothing, perfume, flowers or any lovingly made detail are all great, but there is nothing as exciting as preparing a getaway for two, either working on the details as a couple or planning it on your own, as a special surprise for your partner.

If you’re thinking about a trip to Andalucía, Seville is always a great option, especially if you’ve never been before or you haven’t visited all the city’s monuments. The hotels in Triana are an ideal place to stay when visiting the Southern capital since they are located in a privileged spot near the city centre and have impressive views of the Guadalquivir River as well as a friendly feel to the neighbourhood.

If on the other hand, you have already chosen your destination and made your reservations, you can spend some time making the trip more fun and interesting, with special romantic touches. This is especially important if you’re planning the trip as a surprise. An exciting way to do this is to provide clues in the days running up to the trip. You can leave notes in unexpected places or text a clue about the destination where you’ll spend Valentine’s Day. Your partner might guess it if you provide too many clues, so make sure you don’t give everything away and leave room for the imagination.

If you are travelling to Seville by car, prepare a playlist with your partner’s favourite music, especially if there are songs you share o that you like dancing to together. Also, make sure you book a special romantic dinner at a restaurant near the hotel where you’ll stay.

Take a good look at the guides to Seville and book tickets to a show in town. Exhibitions, plays, flamenco shows, carriage rides through emblematic locations such as the María Luisa Park… All this can be enjoyed in addition to a wander through the iconic streets to get your bearings and experience the city in all its glory. Each of these details is important and will allow you to make great memories you will treasure for years to come.

During the trip, hide small gifts among your partner’s clothes, in their suitcase or in the hotel room so that the surprises never cease during your stay. Of course, you mustn’t forget to take a good camera with you to capture the best moment of your romantic getaway trip!

These are just a few ideas for planning an ideal getaway for two. Nevertheless, you know your partner better than anyone and we’re sure you’ll think up plenty of other surprises to make this Valentine’s Day even more special.

Start planning your Valentine’s Day getaway