Summertime in the Parks and Gardens of Seville

on 24/06/2013


parques-jardines-sevilla-1If you think that Seville is only its historic center, its taps and monuments…You are wrong! There is a whole natural world to discover in the many parks of city. Summer comes and parks are transformed into the perfect scenario for a walk with the family or with your couple… Do you want to discover this fantastic part of the city? Today we offer you a guide to the most interesting parks and on some events that will take place there throughout summer … Enjoy your stay at our hotel in Seville and do not miss one of the amazing concerts in the Real Alcázar …

Alameda de Hercules

The Alameda de Hercules, which takes its name from the mythical founder of the city, is a major public garden located in the historic center of Seville. Due to its construction date it is classified as one of the oldest public gardens in Spain and Europe. Its construction dates back to the sixteenth century. It was decided to dry one branch of the Guadalquivir River and build in its place a large walk with trees and fountains, creating the Paseo de la Alameda de Hercules. In one of the entrances of the avenue were established two marble columns that belonged to a second century Roman Temple and successively crowned with a statue of Julius Caesar and one of Hercules.


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Parque de María Luisa

Possibly the most famous public garden in the city, the Parque de Maria Luisa takes its name from the person who donated it to the city: the Infanta María Luisa Fernanda de Borbón. In there you’ll find some very interesting architectural elements perfectly integrated with the environment such as small gazebos, fountains and countless that give the the entire park a romantic athmosphore.


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The park and its famous island of birds have been transformed in recent years into a stopover for birds and other animals. Here you can enjoy entertaining moments immersed in nature.


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Jardines del Alcázar

In summer Sevilla hosts many interesting events outdoors. One of the highlights of the calendar are the Nights in the Gardens of the Alcázar. This is a unique opportunity to hear great music with Alcázar de Seville as background. These monumental gardens, full of poetry and feeling, are the perfect place for relaxation, contemplation and enjoyment, and can choose from a total of seventy-five concerts to be held along these summer nights.


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No rush; you have until September 1st to enjoy one of these fantastic concerts. As every year, the Nights of the Real Alcazar Gardens are filled music and shape the musical identity of the city over the centuries. Truly unique.


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Click link to read the complete schedule Summer 2013

We hope you enjoy the wonderful parks of Seville …

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Summertime in the Parks and Gardens of Seville