The Best of Feria de Abril

on 18/03/2013


feria-de-abril-sevillaWe want to invite to join us at the “Feria de Abril de Sevilla”. So we decided to let you know, as only locals can do, which is the real essence of this incredible event in Seville. In the article you’ll find a description of the fantastic atmosphere filling the streets and bars of the city. Come to visit us at our hotel in Seville and live the essence of this unique festivity. Check out our package Feria de Abril.

Some practical tips to start. Very important: bring comfortable shoes; do not miss the first day, the Alumbrado and “Pescaito” when everyone celebrates the beginning of the party (here’s the schedule); download the map; the closing fireworks are a must!

Upon arrival at our hotel, your first sensations will be very good. The fairgrounds are very close. You can take a short walk, discover the best hidden corners of Triana, and reach the Feria. If instead you decide to take a taxi, it will take less than three minutes. Another great option is a relaxing boat trip on the Guadalquivir River. Knowing that your lodging, after the intense partying, is just few steps away will give you extra relax sensation.

Once in front of the “Portada” the euphoria will invade you: colors, sounds and smells will invade the senses. At the fair you will have to choose among a thousand options, so just follow the instinct and enjoy…

…the attractions of the “Calle del Infierno “, the taste of cotton candy and ice cream, fun to try your luck at the fairground stalls. For the little ones (and some not so little ones), this is definitely be the best way to experience the Fair.



… the passion and the rhythm of the dances and sang flooding streets and houses. Indulge yourself with some  steps of sevillanas even your first time.


… the “fried fish”, ham and the “tortilla de patatas” all the tradition is on the table.


… the colorful costumes and hats enclosed so much folklore and tradition. Each year they are reinvented and transformed into works of art.

…an unforgettable carriage ride in the Real, under lanterns and lights. Have a white wine and dream to come back next year.

…chocolate with churros in the most typical bars loved by locals…The Churrería Los Puentes, in Calle Sor Milagros 2, the heart of Triana, you can relax from the hustle and noise and the all day party … and get ready for the next day! This incredible event is addictive. It can wake up even the most calms.


The Feria de Abril can be hardly described in a few lines, but if you come to visit us, you’ll discover its magic.


Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you need any information.

Best Regards,

Amador Recio


General Manager @ Hotel Ribera de Triana Seville


The Best of Feria de Abril