20 November, 2018

Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre, a new unique shopping experience.

Just over a month ago Seville opened a new commercial area in the city, Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre. Located just 500 metres from our hotel, Hotel Ribera de Triana, it has been the fashionable topic of conversation for the last few months. Everyone in Seville and the surrounding area was impatient to know which would be the shops that would eventually be included in this new opening.
Among the many brands that can be found at this new shopping centre, there was one that had been long awaited in the Andalusia Capital. The Irish clothing and compliments chain “Primark”. In fact, during the first few weeks after opening, Primark Sevilla had long queues of excited shoppers waiting for hours for their turn to go in and look around.
Even though most of the businesses are fashion related, you will also find others focused on beauty or health, of which we can highlight the first “YO10” fitness centre, or the technology and food industry, with “El Papelón” or “Tony Roma’s”, who have taken the inauguration as an opportunity to enter the Andalusian market.
As it turns out, when we thought Seville had everything it needed, something new came along to surprise us. This new shopping spot differs from all others in the city, as it is a “semi-closed” space, allowing consumers to shop comfortably, avoiding the stress of fully closed spaces.
Make the most of this new opportunity to do a bit of Christmas shopping with ease. Plus, if you are looking for a hotel for a weekend in Seville, don’t forget we are just down the road in the Triana neighbourhood. Shop ‘till you drop, here you will be able to relax and unwind after a long day of shopping.