Legal notice

Legal Notice

1. Company Details
Ribera de Triana, S.L. (from now on Hotel Ribera de Triana). Inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Seville in Volume, Page, Sheet. Nº Reg. J.A.: H/SE/01060 Hotel Ciudad.

CIF: B-91445296
With its official address at Plaza Chapina, s/n., 41010 Seville, Spain.
Telephone: 34 954 268 000

2. Objective
The present website (, property of Hotel Ribera de Triana, has been created and designed to grant access to the general public and Internet Users in order to provide information about activities, products and tourist services. The objective of the present Legal Notice is to establish the General Conditions which regulate the access and general use of the aforementioned website by all Users; therefore the access and use of the website implies the acceptance of the General Conditions cited and included in this Legal Notice. The Hotel Ribera de Triana, reserves the right to make changes and modifications, at any given moment and without prior notification, to the content and services of the current website which are available and may be accessed by Users, and in general, to all elements which integrate the design and configuration of the website. For this reason, it is recommended that the User carefully read the General Conditions each time he/she enters and uses the website, since the website may undergo changes.

3. Website Access
The User may access the website free of charge, except for the cost of the connection established by the telecommunications network provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is contracted individually by each User. For its part, the Hotel Ribera de Triana takes this opportunity to inform Users that it is not responsible for the third party´s services and provisions, including the speed of the telecommunications networks, the reliability, the quality, the continuity and the operation, any of which may interfere with the access to the website. The Hotel Ribera de Triana is in no way responsible for any suspension, cancellation or interference with transactions due to technical issues. Furthermore, the Hotel Ribera de Triana reserves the right to interrupt access to the website at any given moment and without prior notice, whether it be for security reasons, control reasons, maintenance reasons, power supply errors or for any other reason not previously mentioned. If a website access interruption is scheduled, this will be communicated to all Users who could suffer a loss of information stored in the different services. Consequently, the Hotel Ribera de Triana is in no way responsible for the outcomes of these periodic interruptions, since it cannot guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the website.

4. Use of the Website
The use of the website by any person assumes that the User accepts the general condition that each User is responsible for his/her use of the website. The User agrees not to use the information, activities, products, or services made available by the Hotel Ribera de Triana to carry out actions that go against the law, morality or public order, and, in general, to uphold the present general conditions. It is especially prohibited to use the website to harm the Hotel Ribera de Triana property in anyway, overload, damage or render the networks useless; servers and other computer equipment (hardware), or products and software applications of the Hotel Ribera de Triana or third parties, if any. Users may download any desired content from the website and, when necessary, the Hotel Ribera de Triana will inform Users about technical specifications necessary to download information and content from its website. The User shall refrain from obtaining, or attempting to obtain, the content by different means than those that have been made available or indicated, or of those that are normally used on the Internet. Users are requested to pay attention to these warning messages, as the Hotel Ribera de Triana is not liable for any damages that may be suffered by a User´s computer equipment due to misuse of the website. As for the use of interactive services, that, in anyway, allow the User to disseminate content through the website or those that may be offered in the future, will be done so by adhering to the law, the present conditions, particular conditions, and if need be to morality, proper conduct and public order.

5. Content
The content on the website is made available to the User by the Hotel Ribera de Triana as its own or, as the case may be, third party information. The Hotel Ribera de Triana will take the necessary measures to ensure the content displayed on the website is accurate and up-to-date.

6. Links to Third Party Websites
Any Internet User that wants to link his/her page to the Hotel Ribera de Triana´s website must obtain prior written consent from the Hotel Ribera de Triana. Furthermore, the User is obligated to adhere to the following: the link can only be linked to the homepage, unless the authorization explicitly states that the link can be redirected to a secondary page. Under no circumstance may this secondary page be reproduced in any way. It is strictly forbidden to establish frames of any kind that envelop the website or allow the display of information, activities, services or products through an Internet address other than the present website. The link or page the link pertains to cannot conduct activities or showcase devices that go against the law, morality or public order. Under no circumstance, will links be permitted if the link´s page publishes false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Hotel Ribera de Triana, it staff members, the quality of the services offered or about any other professional in the tourism sector in the Spanish territory. The sender may not use the graphic trademark, mixed trademark or any other graphics that identify the Hotel Ribera de Triana within its own website, except in instances where the sender is explicitly authorized by the Hotel Ribera de Triana. The authorizations previously referenced may be requested in writing or by email to the Hotel Ribera de Triana´s management department.

7. Industrial and Intellectual Property
All content (from now on “content”) from the webpage is intellectual property of the Hotel Ribera de Triana, or, as the case may be, that of a third party, unless otherwise stated. All content includes text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audio-visual or sound content, as well as their graphic designs and source codes. In the same way, trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs are the exclusive property of the Hotel Ribera de Triana, or, if applicable, third parties, unless otherwise specified. The User must respect all intellectual and industrial property rights of the aforementioned website, owned by the Hotel Ribera de Triana, or third parties, at all times. The cession of intellectual property rights on this website is strictly prohibited. Specifically, any reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, extraction, forwarding or utilization of any kind, by means or procedure, of any of these, bypassing the cases legally permitted, that is, authorized by the holder of the corresponding rights, is prohibited. Notwithstanding this, the User may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the content for his/her exclusive and private personal use in his/her computer systems (software and hardware), other than for the purpose of carrying out commercial or professional activities, as well as its distribution, modification or alteration. Violation of any of these aforementioned rights may constitute a violation of these conditions, as well as an offense punishable in accordance with article 270 and the penal code.

8. Publicity

The website features advertising or sponsored content. The advertisers or sponsors are the sole responsible parties for ensuring that material submitted for use on the website complies with the laws that may be applicable in each case. The Hotel Ribera de Triana is in no way responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that sponsored or advertising content may contain.

9. Responsibility
In all cases, the User will be liable for any damages the Hotel Ribera de Triana may suffer as a result of a breach of any of the obligations mentioned in this Legal Notice, or, if applicable, by any particular conditions of its application.

9.1. Website Access. The Hotel Ribera de Triana is not responsible for any damages produced by the User which cause error or lead to the disconnection of the telecommunications networks that lead to the suspension, cancellation or interruption of the service of the website during such activity.
9.2. Protection of Personal Information. The Hotel Ribera de Triana guarantees to fully comply with the obligations established by Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and in its Development Regulation approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21 and implement security measures it outlines. The Hotel Ribera de Triana treats all clients´ personal information with the utmost security and confidentiality. This information will be incorporated into an automated file. The file has been carefully related to the Data Protection Agency. Information contained in this file will be used exclusively by the Hotel Ribera de Triana for purposes inherent to each service it provides. This information will not be communicated to third parties, unless the information is deemed public information, in which case the Hotel Ribera de Triana is bound to report said information. Interested parties may contact the Hotel Ribera de Triana, regarding the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of their data by contacting the Hotel Ribera de Triana, which is the organization responsible for the file.
9.3. Quality of the Service. Accessing the website does not obligate the Hotel Ribera de Triana to control the absence of viruses or any other harmful computer element. It is the User´s responsibility to employ the adequate tools for the detention and elimination of the harmful software. The Hotel Ribera de Triana is not responsible for the damages incurred by a User´s or a third party´s computer equipment while accessing the website.
9.4. Quality of the Content. The Hotel Ribera de Triana is not responsible for the decisions made based on the information provided on the website or damages caused by the User or third parties due to actions taken based solely on the information obtained through the website.
9.5. Quality of the Links. When a User accesses the website, several technical linking devices are used in order for the User to access supplementary pages and Internet portals. In such instances, the Hotel Ribera de Triana acts as an intermediary service provider in accordance with Article 17 of Law 32/2002, of July 12, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) and will only be responsible for the content and services provided by the Linked Sites to the extent that it has effective knowledge of the wrongfulness and has not deactivated the link with due diligence. In the event that the User considers that a Linked Site contains illegal or inappropriate content, he/she may share his/her concerns with the Hotel Ribera de Triana in accordance with the procedures established in clause 6, without any obligation for the Hotel Ribera de Triana to remove the link(s) in question. Under no circumstance does the existence of links presuppose the existence of agreements between the responsible parties and the Hotel Ribera de Triana, nor the recommendation, promotion, or identification of the Hotel Ribera de Triana with the manifestations, content or services provided by the Linked Sites. Due to the fact that the Hotel Ribera de Triana is unaware of the content and services provided by the links, the hotel is not responsible for the damages caused by the illicitness, the quality, the availability, the errors, the actualization of the content, and/or services of the links. Nor is the Hotel Ribera de Triana responsible for any other damage that may be caused that is not directly attributable to the Hotel Ribera de Triana.

10. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction
The present Conditions of Access are subject to the Spanish code of laws. For the resolution of any conflict that could arise due to the access of the webpage, the User and the Hotel Ribera de Triana agree to submit themselves to the courts and tribunals of the city of Seville, with waiver of any other general or special jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

11. The present website uses cookies (tiny archives of information that the server sends to the computer of the person accessing the webpage) to carry out certain functions that are considered essential for the correct operation and visualization of the website. The cookies used in the website, are temporary and their sole purpose is to make the subsequent transmission more effective and disappear at the each end of the User´s session. In no way are cookies used to collect personal information. If you wish, you can configure your browser, using the options that allow you to manage the cookies.  For more information about cookies:

12. The hotel can request the prepayment of the reserved stay or the payment of the totality of the stay upon the arrival of the client.

 13. NON-REIMBURSABLE rates are cheaper than flexible rates, but are NOT refundable in any case of cancellation.

Rules of procedure

Dear Guest. In order to provide the best service to all our guests, we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the following matters:

  • Last-minute reservations and/or reservations whose deposit is not guaranteed must be paid in full upon checking-in at hotel reception.
  • The maximum credit granted by the Hotel is € 500 per room. When exceeded or coming close to that amount, it must be paid at reception to restart the credit.
  • To avoid any problems, the hotel reserves the right to refuse admission as outlined by the law.
  • We ask to keep track of all your belongings when using the common areas of the hotel.
  • This establishment has Complaint forms available for all clients.

Our internal regulations are also governed by the following points:
The relationships produced by the hospitality services clients and guests receive from this establishment will be governed by the Commercial Law and supplementary by the Civil Law in accordance with the Federal Law of Tourism and the Regulation of Lodging Establishments as well as by the corresponding government regulations. These provisions are deemed mandatory, known and accepted by the client and will also be applied to the common uses and practices governing this establishment.

The guest is required to register his/her stay by personally filling out the card or form presented by hotel reception. When guests arrive in a formally organized grouped, the representative will fill in the registration cards/forms or will submit documents containing the obligatory information. The company will deny accommodation to any guest who does not comply with this requirement. Furthermore, the establishment is entitled to demand, if deemed appropriate, the identification of all guests on the same reservation.

The guest, in accordance with the establishment, will specify the number of days he/she will be staying at the hotel on his/her registration card. A unit of time as set forth by the accommodation contract is one day with an expiration set at 12:00hrs. every day. It is understood that the first day of accommodation is completed within the indicated time, when the occupancy of the room takes effect before six o´clock in the morning. If the guest does not indicate the duration of his/her stay on the registration card, it will be understood the he/she intends to stay a single day and that a prolongation will be considered voluntary and for twenty-four hours at a time. The hotel, with prior notice to the guest, will be able to end accommodation services at any moment. In the case of contracts for stays longer than one day, the previous rule will be applied if additional days are requested upon the finalization of the original contract.

It is the guest´s obligation, to liquidate the amount of the account when asked by the establishment. The lodging service rate is authorized by the Ministry of Tourism, either through a general agreement or an expressed authorization; same as those featured on our website as rack rates. Payment can be demanded in advance, at the hotel´s discretion. The guest can guarantee payment to the hotel by signing a promissory note of a credit card accepted by the hotel. If a guest vacates a room after 12:00 noon on the day of departure, he/she will be obliged to pay the lodging price corresponding to another day as outlined by the previous article. The lack of payment by a guest will lead to the termination of hosting services and the director or manager of the establishment may use public force to demand and carry out the emptying of the room, including the retention of personal belongings.

It is strictly forbidden for guests to:

a) Make annoying noises, provoke altercations, bring musicians to play or sing, enter with unauthorized pets and, in general, act in any way that disturbs or annoys other guests.
b) Use the rooms for games of chance prohibited by the law or hold meetings with the intention of altering public order or disobeying enforceable laws or regulations.
c) Use electrical current and mechanical equipment installed in the room for purposes other than those intended. Hotel security measures strictly prohibit the use of irons, curling irons, hair-dryers, and other electrical appliances that may cause a fire.
d) Damage the furniture, the decoration or objects pertaining to the establishment, by using them in ways other than those intended.
e) Carry out any act that causes damage or harm to the hotel or its guests, or goes against proper decorum or social behaviour. The establishment reserves the right to terminate accommodation services when the prohibited prohibitions are violated, without the perpetrator to be entitled to any reduction in the amount owed for accommodation or services enjoyed. Furthermore, a person responsible for violating any one of these conditions will be required to pay indemnification of the damages or harm caused.

Only those persons registered upon arrival to the hotel may stay in the rooms. Additionally, any changes in the number of guests and names of guests originally registered must be communicated with prior notice to the hotel´s reception. In no case, is the number of people staying in a room allowed to be greater than the capacity assigned by the establishment to that room. Furthermore, all minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over 18.

It is the guest´s responsibility to inform hotel administration about contagious diseases or illnesses, deaths, infractions or crimes that they are aware and that took place in the establishment.

The hotel will only place money, jewellery and other valuable goods in the reception´s safety deposit box if guests have left said goods to reception staff with explicit indications for safekeeping of the goods, along with written authorization for said safekeeping.

The establishment will not authorize access to occupied rooms under any circumstances to any person who has not been previously and expressly authorized by the client. In any case, the hotel reserves the right not to allow visitation. Furthermore, in all cases, visitors must turn in their identification at reception. Those who represent the hotel or provide services inherent to the business will have free access to rooms occupied by the clients. If guests are absent for more than seventy-two hours without previously notifying reception, the hotel may suspend or terminate the accommodation contract and proceed to collect personal belongings as outlined in the following article, except in the case where the actual value of the guest´s goods does not guarantee the amount owed. In this case, the lodging can be rescinded or suspended with the absence of the guest for more than twenty-four hours.

The luggage along with other goods brought to the hotel by guests, are considered private property of the person who registers at reception. However, if these goods are admitted by the hotel, all these goods can be retained as guarantee of payment for accommodation, services and other expenses incurred during the client´s stay.

The client will make a deposit in the amount corresponding to the first day of lodging of each room reserved. In case of cancellation, the deposit will be returned if notice is given before 12:00 noon of the day before the intended arrival date. If a reservation is cancelled within 24 hours before arrival, the deposit will not be returned to the client.

Legal notice