See Seville

29 March, 2019

6 things to do in Seville in Spring

Spring officially started on the 20th March and for many people it is the perfect time of year. The wonderful warm weather, the longer days and hundreds of flowers in full bloom. The city is filled with new life and colour! All these things make this time of year perfect for travelling and exploring new […]

10 January, 2019

Discover Seville on foot: river walk to ‘Columbus’ Egg’.

Do you love exploring on foot? Seville has many walking routes. Wandering by the Cathedral or taking a leisurely stroll by the Torre del Oro are two obvious options for visitors. However, today we want to suggest a different route, unknown by many: a walk along the river bank all the way to ‘Columbus’ Egg’. […]

20 November, 2018

Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre, a new unique shopping experience.

Just over a month ago Seville opened a new commercial area in the city, Torre Sevilla Shopping Centre. Located just 500 metres from our hotel, Hotel Ribera de Triana, it has been the fashionable topic of conversation for the last few months. Everyone in Seville and the surrounding area was impatient to know which would […]

13 September, 2018

Seville, home of flamenco

  This year in Seville the 20th edition of the Flamenco Biennial will take place. Since its origin in 1980, the event has become an international reference within the flamenco world and is attended by both amateurs and professionals from the industry. This festival offers many styles, from the fiercely traditional to the riskiest innovations, […]

28 July, 2018

A piece of the Berlin Wall in Seville

  Did you know that you can visit a fragment of the Berlin Wall in Seville? Most people don’t know that this atypical piece of history is in the ‘Isla Mágica’ theme park and you can visit it. The Wall was pulled down in 1989, ending a very sad period for Germany and today many […]

24 May, 2018

May: one of the most beautiful months in Seville

  May is one of the favourite months of the year in Seville, both for visitors and locals. Spring is in full bloom. Every corner of the city smells of orange blossom, giving the streets a refreshing look with the white buds flowering on the many orange trees, their sweet scent filling the air. The […]

23 March, 2018

Spring in Seville, first stop: Holy Week!

                      Spring starts on the 21st of March and with it the great weather also comes along. The streets are filled with colour, outdoor tables are full and coats get forgotten on the back of a chair. For many in Seville, Spring is the sound […]

19 January, 2018

What to do during the year of Murillo in Seville

As Seville’s Town Hall announced last January, the City is celebrating ‘The Year of Murillo’. For 12 months, the City will host many cultural events in honour of the Seville artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. What to do in Seville during the Year of Murillo? Over the course of the next year you will be able […]

27 November, 2017

4 historic locations in Seville you shouldn’t miss

They say a city is enjoyed twice as much when you know its history, and if it is as fascinating as Seville’s, fun times are guaranteed. Our city has a diverse, ancient and exciting history. Many of its streets, buildings, squares and parks have a story to tell. For this reason, today we suggest 5 […]

28 September, 2017

Noche en Blanco: a special cultural evening in Seville

On the 6th of October Seville will celebrate the now famous Noche en Blanco (literally White Night), an evening where you can visit many of the city’s monuments and enjoy hundreds of cultural activities including shows, concerts and exhibitions for reduced rates or for free! From 8 pm until 2am the city will be filled […]

21 July, 2017

Tips for visiting Seville in summer

Visiting Seville in summer can be an unforgettable experience. During the summer months many activities are organized throughout the city and, along with the many other attractions, they are a great reason to make Seville your holiday destination. To make the most of your trip to the Andalusia capital you will need plan your visit […]