The April Fair, an essential date in Seville

on 06/04/2016


If you’re thinking of visiting Seville, the ideal date is fast approaching. The April Fair is almost here and it’s the perfect occasion to plan a weekend getaway or trip. The Feria, is a great time to experience this city and one of the best ways to do so is to look for a place to stay in Seville. This way you can spend a few days wandering through the streets of the real and breathe in the genuine Andalucian excitement this festivity brings.Feria1

The April Fair can be experienced with all the senses. The flamenco is enjoyed through hearing and sight thanks to the music, the dresses and the dance; the streets of Seville carry the sweet scent of orange blossom and the taste buds enjoy pescaíto, a typical fried fish dish, and sherry. But these characteristics are only a few of the best known; there are many lesser known facts about this festivity.

The origin of the April Fair, curiously, was actually the initiative of Catalan and Basque businessmen, Narciso Bonaplata and José María Ybarra. In the mid 19th century, they were enchanted by the city and in 1845 they organized a livestock competition that over the years evolved into the great festivities of today.
Even though the flamenco outfits follow classic patterns, it’s an industry that is very much alive and in continual development: the colours and designs change each year with the latest fashion tendencies.

The horse-drawn carriages are another grand tradition within the April Fair. As we mentioned before, it was originally a cattle fair. Although there is no longer a sale and exhibition of livestock, many fair goers typically enjoy carriage rides or get around the fair ground on horseback, the horses beautifully adorned for the occasion.

To best enjoy and appreciate the April Fair, you will have to spend several days in the city. Some of the best hotels to spend a weekend in Seville are located in Triana. The advantage of this historic neighborhood is that it is close to the fair ground, allowing you to even get there on foot.

The April Fair, an essential date in Seville