Easter Holy Week in Triana

on 27/03/2015


San-GonzaloSeville’s Easter Holy Week is a very special event that is lived with special fervor and feeling among the inhabitants of the city. During the whole week (even a few days before hand), the city is filled with religious images that represent the passion and death of Jesus and the faithful accompany the images, turning Seville into a unique place to experience this religious and artistic event.

If it is the first time that you are going to attend this event in Seville it is important to choose the place well and know the routes the brotherhood will follow to be able to choose the best lodgings. Among the choice of hotels for Easter Holy Week 2015 you will be able to find key locations to enjoy this event.

One of the quarters with the greatest tradition is Triana, where the popularity of the festivities reaches one of the highest levels. Throughout the week you can see up to six brotherhoods procession through its streets. Holy Week begins in this quarter on the Friday before Palm Sunday, when the brotherhood of Passion and Death processions.


On Palm Sunday you can see the La Estrella (The Star) brotherhood (known also as La Valiente, or The Brave, for being the only one to procession during Maundy Thursday in 1932 in the middle of strong political conflicts). On the Monday of Holy Week it is the turn of San Gonzalo, one of the images with most devotion in Seville. It won’t be until Good Friday when the streets of Triana will be filled with incense again and candle wax with the Esperanza de Triana in the Madrugada, or early hours between Thursday and Good Friday, whilst El Cachorro and La O close the celebration in the quarter on Good Friday afternoon.

Even though they can be seen from the street and feel the popular fervor, if you don’t want to spend a long time in the same place surrounded by people, there are other alternatives. From hiring a balcony, that may be the perfect location, but is also very expensive due to the prices reached during this week, to finding a relaxed place where you can watch from a distance. In this case, the best place to see the brotherhoods in their stations is to choose a bar with a terrace in Seville from where you can enjoy the spectacle far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds but with a privileged view.

The processions in Triana are long and require a lot of waiting time, since the brotherhoods have a large number of participants dressed as penitents with their hooded outfits, and also, many stops are made along the route. The singing of saetas to the images during the route makes it even slower, so if you want to enjoy this event the best thing to do is to find a place where you can spend many hours in a comfortable position.

Without a doubt Easter Holy Week in Triana is one of the most intense experiences that can be lived during a visit to Seville, and for this reason it is important to choose a good hotel in Triana that allows us to enjoy our stay without worrying about how to get to the key places.

Easter Holy Week in Triana