Emblematic and charming places in Sevilla

on 20/10/2014

As sang by the famous band, “Seville has a special color” and that is not only seen in the busy streets and tourist attractions par excellence, but also in the corners a little outside the hustle. Ideal for enjoying some quiet moments in the middle of the trip. Therefore, during your stay at our hotel in Seville, we suggest leaving the usual circuits to introduce you to other places to get away with perfect charm.

First, we recommend the Parque de María Luisa, the most popular park in Seville. It can be assumed as an ideal place for those who like to wander aimlessly among trees and ponds option. It enjoys the name of cultural interest and has corners as picturesque as Monte Gurugú, of which the environment is restful, or Isleta de los Patos, a lovely pond inhabited by swans, peacocks and other birds.

It also aims to continue your journey relaxing Murillo Gardens. One of its main attractions is its variety of plant species. Located in Santa Cruz, these gardens are, how could it be otherwise, dedicated to the illustrious painter.

A largely unknown and no less suitable for some fun park is Parque del Alamillo, located on Isla de la Cartuja. It not only offers large areas of garden space but also have a place other leisure activities such as bike hire and train ride.

Leaving aside the parks, we enter the city as its framework hides many charming alleys. One is the water alley in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz. It is approximately 140 meters long and connects the Plaza de Alfaro Street Life. This is a street that is stuck to the walls of Seville and keeps two pipes inside carrying water from Carmona until the Reales Alcázares.

Without leaving the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, we find a somewhat hidden place. The School of Christ, as it is called, is presented as a beautiful, cozy little busy corner. Here is the Church of Santa Cruz and the oratory of the School of Christ. To get to this place without getting lost you have to take the street Carlos Alonso Chaparro.

Despite being also very central Plaza de Santa Marta is one of the spaces that are almost unknown Sevilla. The name of the square comes from the now-defunct Santa Marta Hospital. Instead, there are a few houses, a cross and several orange trees that provide great eye candy. Although it is somewhat hidden, the fact is that it is accessed by the Virgen de los Reyes square. It is the proof that you do not go too far from the center of Seville to enjoy peaceful surroundings.

Our final recommendation is calle Susona on which a striking story rests that features a beautiful Jewish woman who falls in love with a Christian, betrayed his father. The result is a plaque exposing this tragic event. This love between cultures is also represented by a palm tree and an orange tree growing from the same hedge. Interesting to know is that this calle Susona (Susona street) was formerly called calle de la Muerte (Death Street).

We hope you enjoy these remote corners of Seville.

Kind Regards,

Amador Recio


General Manager @ Hotel Ribera de Triana Sevilla


Emblematic and charming places in Sevilla