Shopping tour Triana – Seville

on 14/02/2013


shopping-triana-1Spring is getting closer and it is already time to renew your wardrobe. That’s why we create, especially for our clients, a shopping rote in the neighborhood of Triana in Seville. Perfect for a fantastic afternoon of shopping …All these shops are few meters away from our hotel in Seville.

This list of unique shops is must for all travelers stopping in Seville:


A quiet and fancy Mango store? You’ll find the best one in Triana district, Asunción street. Shopping in Mango can be incredible experience without the bustle and long lines.



In the same Asuncion Street, just few meters away from Mango, is October, a store for all sizes. One of the best in Seville. Their bags are a must in your closet.


Bimba & Lola

A fashion classic made in Spain. Their bags raise passions of thousand of women all over the country and their collars are fantastic objects you will desire to collect. The last stop on the street Asunción.


Pastor Martin

Luxury and ostentation by Pastora Martín. In this store you’ll find accessories and top class clothes at the best prices. Their garments are the most desired objects of fashion. In Virgen de Consolación street.



If you want somethingfor a special occasion (ideal for those coming for an important event to Sevilla) Cherubina is your store. The most original headdresses and hats that you can imagine are in Triana. In Monte Carmelo Street.


Ana Moreno

A place to find magical jewels … and you can make them yourself! All the best rhinestones for special designs…Something very special! Fog On the street, near Martin Pastora.


Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you need any information.

Best Regards,

Amador Recio


General Manager @ Hotel Ribera de Triana Sevilla


Shopping tour Triana – Seville