Tips for Easter in Seville

on 22/02/2013


semana-santa-sevilla-0Easter is coming soon and very few cities are more folkloric than Seville. That’s why, this year the perfect month to come visit us at our hotel in Seville is March! In order to have everything planned for your stay in Seville we especially prepared for you a very special Easter guide, here you’ll find all the most interesting tips about Easter in Seville.

Magical places to watch the processions

There are some very specific locations in the city to watch the procession where you can enjoy this really emotional moments without feeling too much the pressure of the crowd.

One of the best places to see the iconic “Esperanza de Triana” is the bridge of Triana itself. When the procession cross the bridge people burst into applause and cheers and suddenly showered petals from the sky.


Another great spot, not to be missed, are the concerts from the balconies. Great artists on the national scene, such as Pastora Soler, Joana Jimenez (Esperanza Macarena) or Falete (Christ of the Gypsies), get together to sing from the balconies of the historical houses of the city centre. Sierpes road and O ‘ Donellla road are the very best places to see this incredible show.


If you have to pick a day, the key moments are the Palm Sunday and Thursday morning (The Madrugá), but if you want to stay away from the crowds those are the days that you must avoid!


Want to know all the details about the processions of Semana 2013? Are you interested also visiting some of the wonderful sights and monuments of Seville? Here all the details:

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It is no secret that the ultimate candy during Easter is the “torrija”, but we want to show you two places between the best of Seville for this type of sweet.


The first one is the bakery La Campana (c / La Campana). La Campana is one of the emblem of Seville for sweets. Its good location in the city center and more than one decade of activity makes it one of temples of “la torrija”.


The second must go venue to taste this irresistible sweet is Filella (Constitution Avenue, 2), not far from the Cathedral and located in a beautiful corner building, will delight you not only for the sweets.


But Easter is not only about sweets. You can’t leave the city without tasting the most typical “tapa”: spinach with chickpeas. The most tipical places for tapas in Seville are Las Cuevas (Virgen de las Huertas, 1) and Rinconcillo (Gerona 40 and Alhóndiga 2).


Are you still hungry? Here 2 other secret places where you will discover the best “Tortillas de Patatas”: Solomon Bar (Lopez de Gomara, 11) and the Bar Santa Marta (Angostillo, 2).


After filling your stomach, you can find the best places to relax, only momentarily, from the bustle of the processions…We recommend two which are very special: the first one is the Parque de Maria Luisa, where you can also visit the Plaza de España without too many tourists, and second, our favorite is the walk right behind our hotel (Paseo Nuestra Señora de la O), a footpath full of trees next to the river. A special corner where you will find peace and relaxation.



Here is our guide; we hope to see you at our hotel!

Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you need any information.

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Amador Recio

General Manager @ Hotel Ribera de Triana Sevilla


Tips for Easter in Seville