Taste Seville! Popular Restaurants in town

on 18/07/2013


restaurantes-sevilla-1Its tapas, its fried fish, its gazpacho and its thousand dishes … The charm of the Sevillian cuisine does not lie in the complication or elaboration of the recipes but in the style and taste of its condiments. Take advantage of your stay at our hotel in Seville to enjoy a unique dining experience … Here our guide to the best restaurants in Seville.

Olive oil is the basis of most of that dishes that delights locals and travelers coming to Seville. Make sure your dinner or lunch not missing a “tasting” of the Sevillian olive oil with a little slice bread.

Abades Triana

Just 10 minutes walk from our hotel you’ll find the best Andalusian Vanguard cuisine in Triana. Unique views and great location next to the Guadalquivir. If you go there for dinner on Friday night, when Sevilla is completely lighted, you can enjoy the Torre de Oro at its best and see its silhouette reflected on the waters of the river.


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For those traveling on business, the restaurant offers an executive menu at the special price of 35 €, always fresh and renewed every week.


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Just for you to make yourself an idea this week the menu is (3 courses to choose):

  • White garlic with almonds and grapes iced mint
  • Eel salad, ham and piquillo peppers
  • Crepes with cream of coral fish
  • Turkish galantina with mushrooms and nuts, green pepper sauce
  • Mouse mango and pineapple with macadamia nut



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Many think this the best restaurants in Seville, high quality creative cuisine. The chef Julio Fernandez Quintero is the “King of the Kitchen”. Here he creates a typical Andalusian contemporary cuisine, an interesting mix of traditional dishes prepared with new techniques and combining the typical products of “land of Seville” ad hoc special ingredients.

Here is how the chef defines his kitchen:

“Taste, creativity, texture, cooking, presentation and garnish dish aesthetics are some of the key points of our cuisine”


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Among his specialties you’ll find an exquisite sea bass with tomato cured in dry salt, mild onion and capers, red mullet with mashed potatoes, seafood and vegetable powder, marinated lamb loin with cauliflower couscous; ventrisca bluefin tuna trap with tomato, marinated eggplant and cucumber granita.

La Azotea 

Great and unusual restaurant in Calle Zaragoza. The place is small, a few tables and a large bar, perfect for a dinner in couple. If you’ll be having a walk during the day just pass by here; you can get an clear idea of what the restaurant is. From outside the glass door and large window shows the tiny but cozy place.


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The ambience is pretty casual, tapas are excellent and the service too. For what concerns the menu, you can find everything from high-meat beef tenderloin for 5 €, to rice, fish seasons, almadraba tuna worth a 10. For about 15 Euros you can have a fantastic lunch …


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If you want to have dinner here, well, better go early. The great success of the place make it full very early.

The hotel Ribera de Triana restaurant is also a perfect choice if you want to relax after a long day visiting the city. We offer the best dishes of the tradition Sevillan cousine in a calm ambience, perfect for a family dinner.

Do not hesitate to contact our staff if you require any information.


Amador Recio


Manager @ Hotel Ribera de Triana Seville


Taste Seville! Popular Restaurants in town